Written by Stephen Pearce

Salutations Noisyweb. It’s been a while…

I recently attended FOSDEM in Brussels 🇧🇪 and I thought it would be fun to share my experiences of the trip.

As per usual, I couldn’t attend everything I hoped to see. What I’ve learned in my few years visiting is that it’s best to focus on one or two tracks that appeal to you and stay there. Also, you should try not to develop an unsustainable amount of interests! Jumping between rooms rarely works out, especially when those rooms seem miles apart.

Here are the talks I received the most value from this year:

I would’ve liked to attend the talks on Tor and I2P, since I only have a surface knowledge of what they’re all about. I would’ve liked to see “Game development for the…SEGA 8-bit systems” too since that topic scratches an itch. Videos are available for these sessions though, so I’ll catch up with each of them at some point.

This year’s FOSDEM came at a time of introspection for me. So it was nice to once again be among like-minded friends in an environment which is close to my values.

Other highlights for me included the final night out at a Japanese sushi bar close to where I was staying. The following day we visited the Atomium and later the Brussels Design Museum. I particularly enjoyed the René Magritte surrealist art expo and the plasticatarium.

I’ll definitely be at FOSDEM’19. If time permits, then I’d like to visit the René Magritte Museum. Kat recommended that I see the Comics Art Museum too. So I have plenty of reasons to go back 👍.