Tales of GUADEC 2017 Part 1

Written by Stephen Pearce

GUADEC 2017 group photo by Jonathan Kang. CC-BY-SA 2.0
GUADEC 2017 group photo by Jonathan Kang. CC-BY-SA 2.0

I recently attended GUADEC in Manchester. While the event primarily celebrates GNOME, it attracts many from the Free Software world.

Over the next few days. I’ll be sharing brief recollections of my time there.

Let’s begin!


The journey northward began with sandwiches at my place. I was offered a volunteering slot on the pre-registration desk because it was said that it would be a great way to meet and greet everyone.

On the road, I committed to deliver an open talk. It would be my first public speaking engagement. I wasn’t sure at the time whether I could talk at length about my chosen topic, but I would have plenty of time that day to think about it.

Volunteering was indeed a valuable way to start the conference. Though I arrived a little late, I was able to participate in each of the tasks and meet and greet many of you. I even tried my hand at some sporty game design with Julita and Lene which was wholly unexpected, but very much appreciated!

When the pre-registration event came to a close, I returned to Dale and began writing my talk. Just me, my trusty laptop and a bag of Jelly Babies to help keep me on task. If I recall correctly I checked out at around 03:00.

Many thanks to Kat, Ben, Patrick, Sam, Julita, Lene and all of you for being so welcoming that evening.