Tales of GUADEC 2017 Part 5

Written by Stephen Pearce

Welcome to the fifth part of my GUADEC 2017 series. If you’ve not seen the other posts, then I suggest you visit the archive.


The un-conference days would take place at The Shed. A venue which felt very much like a hackerspace and as such would be the perfect environment for us to get things done 🔨😋

I first spent time with the gjs team. There, I shared my experiences developing a quick game with the platform. It was valuable for them to hear my experiences as a front-end web developer working on GNOME apps for the first time. I expressed my desire for DevTools-like debugging, view inspection, making live style changes and so on. I was pleased to learn that much of this tooling already exists. I was also shown some environment variable tricks to enable particular GTK debugging features which I hadn’t yet discovered.

I was told a few times over the course of the conference that gjs was undervalued within the community, and I had a few ideas on how to improve that. I proposed that we form a kind-of “working group” around the technology. We would hold regular meetings, share minutes and communicate the value of the project with case studies and so on. The idea was well received.

The docs team were just next door, so I headed on over to begin learning the wiki. Once I created my account (thanks Patrick!) and received editing rights (thanks Shawn!), Kat kindly helped me create my own page and soon after we collaborated on the Games Hackfest.

Several of us then headed to Oishi-Q for what would be my favourite meal of the conference. I had a Chicken Katsu main with tea. おいしい! Thanks to Kat, Alexandre, Shawn and Petr for the experience. Given my love for Japanese culture, it felt like a parting gift of sorts - a fitting end to an absolutely stellar conference.

Once we returned, I made a few more tweaks to the wiki then said my goodbyes.