Tales of GUADEC 2018 Part 1

Written by Stephen Pearce

GUADEC 2018 group photo by guillefuertes (CC BY-SA 2.0)
GUADEC 2018 group photo by guillefuertes (CC BY-SA 2.0).

I recently attended GUADEC in sunny Almería, Spain.

Given how late I am in writing about it, I thought it would be best to keep this year’s entry brief. You see, I got straight to work when I returned. I developed a few healthy habits too, which means my evenings became very busy.

This year’s GUADEC was an opportunity to catch up. I chose not to propose open talks this year. The idea was that it would free me up to experience as much of the conference as possible. That decision paid off.

Each session I attended delivered value for me in some way or other. I particularly enjoyed the following:

  • Ubuntu’s journey from Unity to GNOME Shell (Ken VanDine, Didier Roche)
  • GTK4 Lightning Talks (Benjamin Otte)
  • Implementing Phone UIs with GTK+ (Adrien Plazas)
  • Making a phone call with GNOME (Bob Ham)
  • Have you ever developed for a GPU? (Benjamin Otte)
  • What’s happening in Builder? (Christian Hergert, Corentin Noël)
  • DevOps for GNOME (Carlos Soriano)
  • Designing GNOME Mobile (Tobias Bernard)

Of the lightning talks, it was great to see Nicole Færber announce a mobile special interest group (see MobileSIG). Dorota Czaplejewicz’s Effective Altruism talk also provided food for thought.

I enjoyed the evening tour of Alcazaba castle and the following cultral show and picnic. The dancer’s solo performances were particularly entrancing moments. I also enjoyed the beach party, where I embraced the opportunity to get my feet wet 🐾

Look forward to part two where I’ll discuss my hack days.